Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sound Advice

This weekend we had a special conference with one of our church leaders. For those of you not a member of my church (see lds.org), we have restored the same organization that Jesus Christ had while he was here during His ministry, including 12 apostles. Anyway, one of those 12 apostles came into town. To accommodate the huge amount of members here in NYC we met in the Hammerstein Ballroom, on the same street as the Empire State Building. That in and of itself was remarkable to see the church members in one spot. Rarely happens in our stake since no chapel can hold us all.
The name of this church leader was Jeffrey R. Holland. He said many things that touched my heart, including his testimony that whatever we have or are currently suffering, Jesus Christ suffered too. We can have faith in the Atonement that He knows what we're going through and can let Him take our burdens for us. Elder Holland also referred to when the original apostles, as recorded in the New Testament, were on a fishing boat and there was a violent storm that overtook them. He referred to the apostle Marks' account and reminded us that the Savior quieted the storm. But then Elder Holland gave some really sound advice: In the midst of all the storms surrounding us now, both globally and personally, now is not the time to jump out of the boat. "Stay in the boat," he said. "Stay closer to the Lord (cling tight to the boat) than ever- Now is not the time to do your own version of a 'doggy-paddle' amidst all the storms in this life. Stay in the Boat."
I have to admit, that counsel touched Jason and I very deeply. As we're living through our own challenges right now we were reminded of where we need to put our efforts and our faith.

We took the subway home- here are some pictures:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Have Smile, Will Travel

Today is going well. It's raining cats and dogs outside, but it hasn't gotten old to me yet. Rain still brings a cathartic quality to my outlook. I'm sure that will change as winter progresses, maybe that's why I'm posting now. I've been walking an 8-block circle running errands and transporting kids and I'm soaked (gotta get better rain gear!). Among other things I went to school and picked McAllister up for a lunch date, and I treated him to McDonald's. He's finding his place among established friendships at school, and has been feeling left out. So inspite of my McDonald's indigestion, I feel good about letting him know he is loved. It is good (albeit very difficult) to make me slow down like this. 'Lunch hour' was a success.
I picked Daisy up from preschool, and when I took her coat off at home I looked at her and decided to take a picture. A mini New-Yorker- I laugh because it wasn't intentional. Anyway, like her big sister, she immediately started posing. Here is the result.