Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Whiting Social High Season, a.k.a. SEPTEMBER

Having all three kids' birthdays in September shows us:
A)We like going broke in the Fall
B)We only have sex in December
or my vote,
C) We're crazy.

We had all 3 birthday parties in the apartment, which proved to be just fine. The kids had a blast.
Tass' Birthday was a Lego Party, so he got a Lego cake (you can't see it, but there is candy legos surrounding it). He played lots of great games with his pals, while Jason attempts to keep the noise down to a dull roar proved futile:The next (yes NEXT!) day was Daisy's. She had a Princess party and mom made her a crown cake with Jolly Ranchers as the jewels and ring pops as the diamonds on top for embellishment:

London had a Beach party, with the girls decorating flip-flops and eating fruit-kabobs. Her cake was made with Nilla Wafers sand and cool umbrellas:
I love my kids' parties. I know that the window is very small to celebrate the event of a birthday; by the time they hit their teens the magic will be gone. So I go all out and make it through the commotion. I never, never regret the 2am cake frosting sessions or the invitation designing. To quote a movie, I'm just so glad I had my kids! :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No More Deer In Headlights...

This school year felt much different. We weren't new anymore, we were in, registered, and expected. London started 4th grade, McAllister started 2nd, both with new teachers (who they will be keeping for next year as well; this school has teachers with a class in a 2-year loop- guess that's why it's name is The Independence School, even though it just goes by P.S.234).at our kitchen elevator. I think this is going to be a tradition!
our school yard. I think it is the prettiest school in the city.

Kids were happy, excited and calm to be starting. And Daisy was going to the same preschool, Barclay Street School, and excited too:happy Daisy on her first day a week later

Monday, September 7, 2009

How Did You Spend Your Summer Vacation?

It's October. So here's the short version in pictures:
Vacationed in Texas with the cousins. My kids got 2 whole weeks of Pool Time. (Moving to NY is going to keep my kids' skin young and un-sun-damaged, I guess).
toured the MoMa with London. She really loved it and got used to the nudity. Great teaching moment about how beautiful our bodies are, and that your little heart will feel funny if it's not appropriate, or grateful if it is.Enjoyed a visit from Grandma. She did GREAT cruising around the streets with us.
Said goodbye to dear friends Craig and Mary (our 'First Friends in The City') as they moved to greener (or was it sunnier?) pastures in San Diego
Saw Anne Hathaway in Twelfth Night in Central Park's 'Shakespeare In The Park' Series with Jason's cousin-sister Lori Whiting Mortensen. Loved how people thought we ourselves were cousins b/c we resembled each other.speaking of Lori, her daughters Lucy and Sarah were welcome visitors while they lived in NYC for 2 months. Daisy and Lucy were kindred spirits and played for hours
Working at J.Crew's exclusive jewelry gallery on Prince Street in SoHo, we participated in Vogue Magazine's FASHION'S NIGHT OUT. A huge success surrounding our jewelry: a "Meet The Designer Night". What a great idea! ;)

So that's it. Great summer, on to fall at a breakneck speed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

London's Lemonade Stand

This is deserving of its own post. All summer long London had been asking and asking if she could do a lemonade stand. I'd put her off and put her off until the last week of summer vacation. We gathered the supplies at the store, pulled out the kids' play table to the sidwalk, and she sold lemonade at 50cents a cup. Her business plan included selling her hand-crocheted bracelts, and selling blow-pops. She hired McAllister to do security ("Make sure no one steals our stuff, Tass!") and hired Daisy to do publicity ("You yell, Lemonade! Lemonade!" - which she did with almost too much vigor).
btw, the little white box on the table she made out of paper, and says 'TIPS please pay gratuity'
this cop stopped and said she had to buy lemonade, she has 2 young children of her own. Yes, that is a line behind her!It was a huge success. New Yorkers are the finest, kindest people in the world. People were so impressed (and truly wanted the lemonade), that after 45 minutes both huge pitchers were empty and she was $25 richer (never mind the overhead costs). She paid Tass his $1.50 (even though he was so shy he hid under the table and ate lollipops most of the time), and Daisy her 50 cents (even though her unabashed yelling was worth more than that), and put the rest in her wallet.

She's saving for an iTouch.