Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kindred Spirit in Chocolate

I have long adhered to the thought that chocolate and breakfast cereal go hand in hand. Enter Jacques Torres, the guy who's made it his duty to cover anything and everything with chocolate. Sometimes when desperate I'll order chocolate covered Cheerios through the late night anything-goes delivery service.

At Easter time I took these pics, and when I went back today I was reminded I should share the love, coated in chocolate

chocolate bunnies. on steroids.
don't get distracted- among mudslide, peanut butter choc, and original, PICK ORIGINAL
must MUST have the chocolate chip cookie
chocolate covered peeps- Brilliant!
I get my haircut at Arrojo in SoHo and nearby is Jaques Torres. Here I am plotting my way. Good thing I only discovered its proximity to the salon recently, or I'd have been in trouble much sooner:
perfect marriage