Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrating the 100th Day of School

We went to Wollman Rink, all 430 Second- and Third- graders from P.S.234. It was a great time and I wasn't even offended that Tass ignored me the whole time and skated with his friends.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Coming out of his shell?

McAllister was excited to do the 2nd grade Chorus/Dance Show at school. The kids sang variouls NYC songs (that was the theme- it's not just me who remains in awe of this city!) and his class' dance song was 'Rockaway Beach' by The Ramones (cool!). He's the one in the mohawk and grey hoodie. He loved that mohawk and was stoked to be on stage!

When the Family's Away...

...The Mom will paint a piano.
We are in the process of redoing our entire living area, new furniture, rugs, lighting, paint. Oh, ok, by 'living area' I mean entire apartment. Listen to me, as if I have more than one room to live in (bedrooms too small to count)!
We had your standard (free) brown wood piano that I had been wanting to paint. At first it was to be 'taxi yellow' but then I didn't want it to be the focal point of our entire kitchen/dining/play/living/office spaces, so we went with 'radiator grey'. Jason took the kids to Arizona for February Break for a week and I watched the Olympics and regained my sanity. It was great. As for the piano, 4 coats and a trip to Mood for the fabric later, *voila'!* understated polish. The play storage furniture next to it is on the chopping block, to be replaced April 2 when our new stuff is delivered. Pictures to come...

Taking Hybernation Literally

Ok, so I've been a bit negligent in posting. I think I felt I had nothing to say, peppered with so much to say that I was overwhelmed at the thought of publishing it. So I'm going to work backwards and say that life, finally, is good. Actually, it was always good, I just have finally gotten around to recognizing it again.
I'm pretty sure I suffer from that winter seasonal disorder, so at my bluest moments have plotted my suicide via Whole Foods' lemon Vitamin D gummies. At my best moments I have been grateful, proud, and strong. Crisis averted, spring is here!!!