Friday, August 29, 2008

All in 20 minutes...

Tonight Jason got home a little early and since we were going to the beach tomorrow I volunteered to go the 6 blocks west to get the car from the garage. It just so happened that I went about 12 blocks north (again with the '12 blocks!' - that's becoming my code for 'long enough away but not too bad that it justifies the subway') to Soho/Chinatown to visit a store that I always want to go to but is always closed every other late night I'm walking around. It's called Madewell and I love it. I made it with 1o minutes to spare before they closed. I browsed the ground level, then went up to the top level, picked up some flip flops, then who should be there but sweet actress Abigail Breslin. She was on the couch, talking in a small voice, as sweet and easy going as she comes across in her movie roles. One of the sales people was obnoxiously asking her questions such as, are you famous? I ignored her, trying to give her some privacy because I felt so bad about the salesperson, and my time was valuable because I can never make it to this store! I overheard bits of her conversations, and she sounded self-conscious enough that I just wanted to hug her. I can't imagine figuring out 'who you are' in the spotlight. Those teenage years are hard enough!
Then as I finally made my way in the direction of the garage, I cut through the quieter streets of Tribeca and was walking along by myself in the dark when I saw a cab pulled over. The front passenger door was open so the dome light from the car shed light onto the sidewalk. There on the ground was the cabby, shoes off, kneeled over on a piece of cardboard that was covered in cloth. He was offering his final prayers for the day. As I walked by I got choked up as this man was quietly honoring his religion. There are going to be some great things for my kids to learn around here.

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