Monday, September 1, 2008

One last Hurrah

Today was amazing. For the record books. First of all, Jason let me sleep in until NOON! How is that possible? I've been running on fumes for weeks, so it was a gift. But wait! like an infomercial, 'That's not all!' Jason then took the kids to a restaurant called "The Odeon" here in Tribeca while I went on a long (albeit hot) run up the West Side Highway to Chelsea Piers. It's basically one long strip of parks and boardwalks, grassy areas covered with sunbathers, water parks with little kids and parents playing in crazy sprinkler-type things. (The closest we'll get to a Rolling Hills Swim Club, sniff-sniff).
After that alone time we all hopped on the subway to Central Park. We did the radio-controlled boats and then played frisbee and pe'tanque (hearkening back to my mission days in Paris) on the Great Lawn. It was heaven. Not a cloud in the sky, a cool shade stretching from under the tall trees as the sun started to set. It seemed like all of New York was out and we got to bond with thousands of people! (It's interesting, I feel like I've spent more time outside truly playing with my kids here than I ever did before. It's like all the buildings and close quarters really force you to seek any recreation you can enjoy outside.) Anyway, Uncle Matt joined us, we went to dinner at PINCH (Pizza by the Inch) on West 83rd and then quick hopped in a cab to make it home so the kids could be bathed and in bed by 8:30. Why? because SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. I'm in denial and trutfully we just didn't want this day to end. I think the pictures explain why.

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