Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Half-Crazy for Daisy

Daisy on the Subway:"Mommy, dat's deeskusteeng!" / "Oooo, it smells GWOSS" (uttered, whenever..., well, actually, everywhere...!)
"Is dis our stop?"...."Is DIS our stop?"
"(Are) we going UPtown, or DOWNtown?"
"A!" (for the 'A Train') "6!" (for the 6 Train) - this child is learning her numbers and letters by the subways she takes.
This weekend was Daisy's birthday. Sweet baby turned 3! So in spite of an e-x-h-a-u-s-t-i-n-g week, we went all out for our Dais. On Friday just Mommy and Daisy went out to lunch in our neighborhood, to Kitchenette. She had fun coloring. That chick can stay in the lines!!!
On Saturday, after McAllister's soccer game and a quick trip to Brooklyn for Costco, Jason and I took Daisy out on her Birthday Date. We went to the New Victory Theatre for a production for 1 to 5 year olds, called "The Green Sheep." We were running late and had to take a cab to the theater located in Times Square because sometimes Saturday subways take longer. She hopped right in and grabbed her handle, ready to go. Car seats, Schmar seats. "I prefer a yellow car with a slight odor, covered completely from ceiling to floor in black vinyl." Surreptitious applications of Purell and guaranteed nausea. (The subway is the only way to go. But I digress....)
I haven't been to Times Square since I moved here, and I was reminded of something really important today, Times Square Is Not New York City. It's its own separate (and unnervingly twisted) state. Like the Vatican is to Rome. Except with a great deal of Neon and an Applebee's Restaurant. People walk through that area and decree disdain for New York City. It's like going to Wimbledon and deciding you dislike Hockey.
So we closed our eyes through the flashing lights and chaos and made our way to the New Victory Theater. We all three had a blast with this interactive performance. It was so well done and just fun. Nothing like hanging with the under-5 crowd!
After that we scurried back to Tribeca (not turning around for fear we'd turn into salt pillars, you know) and had lunch and went home. Here's Daisy, running to our door on Warren Street. I love our block!
Tonight we had a few friends over to a Housewarming/Birthday Party. I posed like I do every birthday with Daisy and her My Little Pony cake. She had a BLAST opening up her presents that she got from Grandma Fern and Lita. We gave her her first piece of jewelry, a painted wooden necklace that she loved. It was adorable! She kept saying, "Cooooo-wul!" A long, surfer-like way of saying 'cool'. After a day like today, we'll say that again!


  1. Yea! You are making it through birthday/soccer/first day of school season with flying colors! I LOVE your blog and that I now know what in the world you are doing!

  2. oh my gosh, how much do i LOVE your descriptions of times square -i can't wait to read your book!

  3. I'm so impressed that you are figuring out how to get around NYC and everything. Remember 11 yrs ago when we were there? Time flies!

  4. Daisy is so grown up! I can't believe she's this little 3 year old traipsing around new york like she owns the place?!