Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And then there was one...

First day of school. That lovely, butterflies-in-the-stomach/panic/anxiety/nervousness feeling. Me, not the kids. We were late dropping McAllister off because we couldn't find his class for 15 agonizing minutes as the schoolyard emptied. When we finally found his room the look of sheer terror for my sweet child who takes 10 minutes to transition anywhere just about made me cry. All of his classmates were on the classroom rug quietly listening to the teacher when he walked in. "Tass! See the Deep End over there? We're throwing you in! Buh-bye!" McAllister is in Karmit's (/car-meet/) class, London in Dana's class. They don't use any titles at all for the grown-ups here. No 'Mrs.' Jones, No 'Miss' Jennifer, all just first names. Of all the things to get used to, that is the biggest. I hate it. Kids should refer to adults with some sort of title before their name. That's the Southern/Army Brat/Conservative side of me coming out. Overall It was a great morning, fabulously dressed moms all over the place. There's a Supermodel mom here too. No, really. We'd all recognize her. I noticed her hanging out with her other Tall Friends.
Daisy got the best deal of all. Free bagels and cream cheese after drop off, and a mommy all to herself from now on.

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  1. crazy about the teachers being called by first name! people were probably thinking you were a famous model too :)