Monday, September 22, 2008

Ranting and Raving, City-style

OK, for those dear friends and fam who think I'm living it up like Wayne Newton in The Greatest City on Earth, let me give you the down side so you can cherish your mini-vans, drive-thru dinners, lack of celebrity sightings, and over-abundance of honey-sweet manners with whomever you should meet.

Here in New York City:
1) When they say, 'Sure, you can bring your kids!' what they really mean is, 'Look at me, I value children, but in theory only! What I really mean is that they damn well better be locked up at home with their nanny!' (I've gotten burned three times by this.)
2) I'd been walking and subway-ing around the city since 9 am, when finally at 2pm, I realized the sky was perfectly blue and cloudless. A perfect day, but I'd been walking mostly in the shade.
3) McAllister hasn't learned to ride a bike without training wheels. We're getting him a skateboard instead.
4) I haven't been to Target in a month and I'm going through serious withdrawals.
5) Like many of you, I took my son to his soccer game on Saturday morning. Not like many of you, I stepped in dog poo-poo along the way. (Actually people are pretty good at curbing their dogs, except early mornings when no one is watching and moms are rushed for an 8am game.)
6) I haven't seen grass since last Wednesday. No, I'm serious. Do trees in planters count? Tons of those.
5) Daisy's preschool class is wonderful. Sweet teachers, great facility. Her room has no windows.

So there you have it. Life is good. But just remember, the grass is always greener on the other side. Or in this case, the concrete.

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