Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grand Times Among Grand Kids

While we had everyone in town for London's baptism, we did our best to show off our new City. Some, like my mom, couldn't be impressed no matter what because of the (what I lovingly refer to as) 'rough edges' that one encounters while traveling around:
* the odd smell (not, "gee, is that jasmine or rosemary?" but more like "uh, is that pee-pee or bus exhaust?")
* the necessary crazy man (walking around with a shopping cart and a million CDs taped to poles, as if hoping to pick up a frequency of some sort)
* The oddly disturbing gusts of warm air hitting your face as they come up from the subway vents on the sidewalk. That warmth just doesn't feel right. (It ain't no bonfire!)
* the near brushes with death whenever deciding to cross the street uninvited by the Lit-Up Walking Man - he rules my world, no joke
* The bags of trash on the sidewalk waiting for pick-up (blatantly staring at you in the face, they make you want to recycle everything and never be responsible for such filth and waste again)
* and the best (or worse depending on how you view the proverbial Glass), the "Holy Crap, what type of liquid did I just step in, and feel a drop of, on my ankle?!?!?" yeaaaahhhhh....

Among some of the activities, we went on the Subway a lot, (oooo-train!!!) played in the park, went shopping in Soho, partied it up in our apartment, and ATE. A lot!!! We had a wonderful weekend. Aside from the soon-to-be new parents Uncle Miguel and Aunt Cara, the only person missing was Papa, who is in Afghanistan. Daisy asked about him a lot.

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  1. The Olsen's had a great time, too. We did miss Miguel, Cara, Miguelito and soon to be born William:) They definitely had reasons for not being there. Happy Birth-day William!