Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We live here, We learn here

We have been really impressed with both McAllister and London's teachers, and the school they attend in general, P.S. 234. I got to chaperone a field trip with London's class. Of the 8 chaperones, 5 were dads! One dad pointed out with a smirk that he was in Finance and happened to have some extra time on his hands. (The Wall Street woes have affected many of our friends and neighbors.)
They are doing an entire school unit on BRIDGES. 'Dana', London's teacher (who happens to look a lot like London in 20 years), took the kids on the Subway to Central Park to see real-life examples of bridges. So with the beautiful weather we walked all through the park and studied 3 examples of different types of bridges. The kids stopped and wrote and described what they saw at each bridge, along with a sketch. Then we ate our lunch underneath the trees. It was a blast to be with London. It's great to see their teachers using this great city to enhance their classroom curriculum. I feel like my kids are so lucky to be here.

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  1. You have a blog!!! Hooray for you! I'm so excited that I can check in on you now and again and see how you're doing! You are a rock. I love your adventures, and your attitude is still the best. Miss you Nichole! Darcie