Thursday, February 26, 2009

London at Lincoln

Tonight London and I went to THE ballet, as in The New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. I have tried multiple times to stoke an interest in her taking ballet lessons, but she prefers piano and ice skating which is totally great. But last week I told her she didn't have to take ballet lessons to enjoy watching the ballet for the rest of her life, and would she please come with me? 

We went to see a compilation of 4 ballets, called 'Short Stories', one act from each of the ballets: Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and London's favorite, a modern ballet called 'Slaughter on 10th Avenue'. All were choreographed by George Balanchine (he's the Picasso of ballet choreography). We had a blast going somewhere just the 2 of us, dressed up, eating treats and walking around the Great Hall at intermission. 
I should mention that Jason got the tickets for us, one of his clients is NYCB and the two of us went 2 weeks ago to see another montage of Balanchine's work on a date as well. I am loving his job right now. :)

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