Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spiritual Matters...

So anyone who gives me a chance to speak on it will hear me say how much I love the Brooklyn Bridge. I would go into the story of the Father and Son, the tragedies, and the heroine of the story, Emily Warren Roebling. I'm afraid you'll have to Wikipedia it, but it's inspiring. Everyone who visits our apartment from out of town is required to cross the Brooklyn Bridge. I tell them, "Go at least to the Manhattan Tower (there are 2, the other is the Brooklyn Tower), then when you get back to DC/Florida/California, Google it and you'll thank me later!"
We own the Burns documentary and I make my kids listen over and over to me tell the story of hardship and fortitude in getting it built, the revolutionary idea and conflict it took for the idea to gain respect. The building of the Brooklyn Bridge is its own New York Survival Story.
This quote is going on my board- even though to buy it would cost an arm and a leg, you would do it because you know it would be worth it. To sell it and walk away would be ignoring the potential. Good courage given for all of us trying to make it here.

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