Sunday, April 8, 2012

Manhattan Mini Storage ads are the best. Hilarious. I will post a ton because they can be so truthful in their observations of City Life. The pressure to dress well is solid because it is the one and only method of self expression! You can't express yourself in your car (you're in the subway) or your home (most likely a shoebox version of what you could have elsewhere, fraught with jigsaw-puzzle storage solutions and odd furniture arrangements), so how you look is it. Jason and I noticed it right away, and I'm sorry but I love it. I love seeing my friends and strangers on the street convey qualities about their personalities in their coat choice, shoe choice or whatever. It's what makes fashion really, really fun and insightful.
What's awesome is my kids' adherence to this. They love their clothes, and I promise it's in a non-creepy JonBenet kind of way! London is blossoming in her creativity mixed with practicality. McAllister and Daisy too. By seeing what they wear and why I learn so much about them.

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