Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What, MOI?

Ah, the gym. There are a ton of treadmills but in each bay of 7, there are 3 TVs that feed into them. I am always feigning shyness in changing a channel to the Today Show in light of MSNBC. (Those ticker tapes and stock discussions are uninspiring). But running tonight I had a real problem: TWO channels on TWO different MSNBC channels and one on ESPN. I had 7 miles to run. Luckily there were just 2 dudes running at that moment. The Achilles Heel. So I smiled a little, shrugged my shoulders apologetically, and went in for the kill. I changed it to Bethanny Ever After on one channel, and Twilight (the DVD version with deleted scenes and plot explanations!) on the other. Was so giddy I ran 8.
So whatever it takes to work out, if it means listening to rap music or wearing your lucky shorts, do it. Have your 'thing' and own it! Heaven knows I do. OK, maybe a couple of 'things'. Or 5. Or 9.

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