Tuesday, October 7, 2008

American Girl Place

We finally got to take London on her Birthday Date, to "Kit's Friendship Tea" at The American Girl Place near Rockefeller Center. It is 4 levels of American Girl Dolls, and a mini restaurant as well. Kit Kittredge is one of the American Girl characters, her story centering around the 1930's and the Great Depression (the books' characters all take place in a different place in history). So we took London to a special and yummy tea featuring foods that were either in the book or centered around that time period. It was fun playing games and making paper hats with her. Daddy joined us, then had to go back to the office. We got her a doll that looked just like her: You can select hair, eye, and skin color for a doll that you can dress. Funny thing about the doll, it will make a great hand-me-down to Daisy, too!

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