Friday, October 31, 2008

Tribeca Trick or Treating

There once was a 'hood in The City
Which for Halloween gets crazy-busy!
All through the night, holy cow, what a sight-
The stores open up for the kiddies!We started the fun after school,
At QUARTER TO 4! To be cool,
The grown-ups got dressed, in their Halloween best,
Along with those that, well, share their gene pool.
It blew Uncle Matt and us away,
To see thousands of people this way,
With the streets all open, the boutiques all hopin',
To give all their goodies away.We lost our sweet Daisy just once!
She was three stores behind, she's no dunce.
She was mixed with the children, not one bit bewildered,
(but mom will have nightmares for months)!
London, she was a real pro,
Ent'ring store after store with gusto,
McAllister, leary, of strangers was fearing,
To enter a store all alone.We did do some more trick-or-treat,
In our building, after cruising the street.
We'd become such gluttons, but still we pressed buttons,
To the floors of our neighbors' retreats.
One thinks that the party stops there,
But no! That just starts it, Beware!
For New Yorkers who dress every day to impress,
Halloween night is a serious affair.So Mommy and Daddy went out,
Thanks to Sami, our sitter, who without,
We'd miss our great time, at St. John the Divine,
The cathedral with much spooky clout.

With live organ music a-playing,
We watched a silent movie displaying
"The Phantom of the Opera", all the melo-da-ra-ama,
"A masterpiece!", critics were saying.

So exhausted and full all are we,
The urban Whiting Family,
We'll need to discover, a way to recover,
From our Halloween in N.Y.C.


  1. What a fun Halloween! We did trick-or-treating in the shops, too! I thought brought the whole town together...I loved it. Your kids look like they're glowing. Darcie

  2. We missed you so much this year! It really isn't Halloween in Springfield unless we trick or treat with the Whitings!! Glad you had a great time. Wish you were here.