Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mom Does a Field Trip, Take Two

This time I went with my boy McAllister to Central Park Zoo. We did the subway (again) to get there. It seemed more complicated herding 1st graders versus London's 3rd graders. More stressful. But I gloated to myself as people were annoyed when we boarded the subway car and took it over. Kids live here too, you people!
McAllister is doing a unit on snakes and so we got to study them in the great zoo that we have right here in the city! We had lunch and played at the Tirsch Children's Zoo, which I loved. Here is a picture of the whole class sitting on the giant Spider Web. Do you believe we have all this just a few stops away on the subway? I love it. McAllister had a blast. I don't think he noticed me much though. :)

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  1. Giant spider web = kid heaven! Good for you for braving the subway with 1st graders. Sounds terrifying to me!