Monday, October 20, 2008

Celebrity Sightings...

Abigail Breslin, August, in Madewell Store
Ron Rifkin, on the street, October; I thought he was our attorney from our closing and did a half-hi when he responded with a half-hi as well.
At the gym: Wendy Williams, of D-list talk-show fame, working out the same week she had that on-air spif w/ Omarosa
Best so far: Will Arnett. Works out at my gym. I've seen him so often I thought he was one of our trainers, 'til finally it clicked today. We worked out right next to each other on the circuit stuff. I made eye contact then avoided him the rest of the time. (Cause, really, who cares? What do I say, "loved 'Arrested Development, you're much taller in person'? naaaah....) What's even cooler, is that he's married to a very preggers Amy Poehler.

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